What’s a Gummie?

Introducing the Gummies!


Gummies are cute and cuddly gumdrop-shaped beings that are very human-like. They laugh and smile and grow, just like we do! Gummies are clever creatures, and love to learn. But they don’t know everything, and they need your help! If you want to learn about Gummies Playground, head on over to our Gummies Playground page or check out the blog post where we talk about the Gummies!


The Evolution of the Gummie

The Gummies themselves were a huge part of driving the look and feel of our game. We wanted them to be cute and fun, charming and humorous. But mostly we wanted them to be approachable. They were, after all, going to be the instructors, the mentors. We were putting your kids in their… well… fins?

With Erik’s years and years in the industry, he knew exactly what to do. We sat in our favorite Greek Restaurant and talked, begged paper and pen and drew pictures, revised and re-thought. We ended up with the gum-drop shaped Gummies (a name we only called them until we could think of a better one. As you can see, we couldn’t. “Gummies” just fits them so perfectly! And what kid doesn’t like candy?). lookittrnslcnt

Gummies are simple and clean. We kept the Gummies simple. Gave them clean lines with a smooth silhouette. They’re pleasing to the eye and non-offensive.

Gummies are all face. There’s little to detract from their facial features and the emotion they display there. Faces are one of the first things children focus on… one of the first things they recognize. Gummies are moving emoticons.



Gummies are cute and silly.  Don’t you just want to squeeze them? Their animations and voices reinforce their innately sweet and joyful nature, allowing them to be peers rather than authority figures. Kids are more likely to connect with them, trust them and want to help them.

  Gummies can be anything. With a quick costume change, Gummies can become anything. Cowboys, Astronauts, Firewomen, or Princesses. If the Gummies can do it, so can your child!


So, the Gummies are approachable, warm, emotive, and role models. We’ve tried to optimize them so that your children will feel comfortable learning along with them and hope that your kids enjoy them as much as we do!