“Give me a Y!”

“Give me an A!”

“Give me another Y!”

“What does that spell?!? YAY!”

We’d like to give an extra-special thanks to the fantastic people that helped make Gummies Playground the great experience it is!

Out-of-This-World Kids!

  • Ryan Brim – Voice Work
  • Alana Brim – Voice Work
  • Galilea DeVere – Child Tester
  • Ashley Alcott – Child Tester
  • Alex Alcott – Child Tester


Nathan MadsenAudio

Educational Consulting

Crystal StueveEducational Guidance

Out-of-This-World Parents!

  • Dawn AlcottParent Panel contact and feedback
  • Summer DeVere – Parent Panel
  • Nora Draper – Parent Panel
  • Julie Fletcher – Parent Panel