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Gummies Playground, educational adventure app for preschoolers on Amazon Kindle

Gummies Playground is a Squink Games educational adventure created for kids ages 2 – 5. Designed to help your child meet age-appropriate cognitive milestones and learn from real preschool curricula, Gummies Playground presents learning in fun, colorful minigames that are easy to understand. Your children can focus on playing, always feel successful, and never realize they’re learning!In addition to teaching numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and scale, Gummies Playground allows you to set the level of difficulty so that the game grows with your child!

Thanks to Gummies my 2 1/2 year old has leapt ahead with learning!

Julie F. – Writer, Mom

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I like itbecause I play too much and then I WIN!!!

Ashley A. – Age 4

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As members of MOMs with Apps, the App Trust Project, and supporters of The Children’s App Manifesto, Squink Games takes your privacy and your child’s safety seriously. We strictly follow the “Know What’s Inside” best practices. Gummies Playground Disclosure Statements:
  • Ads: Does NOT have in-app advertisements of any kind.
  • Social: Does NOT integrate with any social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Location: Does NOT track a user’s location.
  • Web: Does request a single parent-protected hyperlink to the app store to unlock unlimited play.
  • Purchase: Does have a single parent-protected in-app purchase to unlock unlimited play.