Privacy Policy

Squink Games Website

We at Squink Games recognize that privacy is important. We don’t like our data to be recorded and kept, and we won’t do that to you. We don’t require logins or registrations to view our page or to use any of the data on it. We promise that any personal information you do choose to post or share, we won’t keep it. We won’t use it. Cross our hearts.

Gummies Playground

Your child’s safety is paramount. We will never collect, store, or share any personal or system information. We have not put any ads, social connections, or location information in Gummies Playground. We do have ONE in-app purchase to allow you to upgrade to the full game which does require an internet permission. That’s it!

Gummies Playground Free

Although we do request permission to connect to your internet in Gummies Playground Free, it is only to allow us to put a link to the full version of Gummies Playground on the Parent page for your convenience. We have not put any ads or in-app purchases in Gummies Playground Free – just educational fun!

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