Squink FAQ

Gummies Playground FAQ:

Should I be worried about my child’s safety in this game?

– Absolutely not. Gummies Playground has no advertisements or in-app purchases. Your child could use the Home button on their device to exit the application and return to the desktop, but we have added no tech to override the basic functions of your phone.

How do I set the difficulty in the game?

– When you first start Gummies Playground, click the “Parent” button on the main menu. The difficulty option is the third slider down. Just drag that and the game will always remember your last setting. If you’re using a device with a “Back” button, hitting it 3 times while playing will return you to the main menu.

Can I adjust the talking volume?

– Not currently. You’ll have to use your phone or tablet’s volume rocker. We wanted to make sure that the narration was always on, since most children in our age range cannot read. You can, however, adjust the music slider in the Parents menu.

Can I select specific games for my child to play?

– Not right now. It’s a feature we’ve been considering, but we truly believe that the curriculum offered in Gummies Playground is a well-rounded sampling of basic Cognitive Milestones appropriate for ages 2 – 5. Most of the games are very brief, and we’ve found that our children testers are often engaged even on their least favorite games.

Gummies Playground Free FAQ:

Why can my child only play through the game twice per day?

– We wanted to provide a free version of Gummies Playground that was safe for kids. We know that children can be fickle and that a free or demo version of a game can help a parent feel confident that their child will enjoy a game before they purchase it.

Should I be worried about my child’s safety in this game?

– No. We take your children’s safety very seriously. There is only one link a child can click from within the game and it’s inside the Parent menu. This menu can only be accessed at the beginning or end of the play time. This link takes you to the full version of Gummies Playground. Otherwise, there are no in-app purchases or advertisements.

Why do you need internet and System time permissions?

– We use Internet permissions to allow an easy click to your device’s relevant app store from inside the parent menu. The System time permission allows us to track how long your child has been playing for that given day.

What’s the difference between the free and paid versions of Gummies Playground?

– Only the time limit. We wanted parents and kids to get the full educational experience of Gummies Playground so they can better determine if they wish to purchase the full version of the game.

Gummies Playground Billing FAQ:

I purchased the game, so why is unlimited playtime no longer unlocked?

– There are a number of reasons why the game gets “relocked”. Usually it’s a problem with moving or uninstalling the game, but there could be other factors. To fix this, as long as your device is using the same billing information with which you purchased the game, you can click the Purchase Unlimited Playtime button again to unlock the game. You cannot be charged a second time on the same billing account. This also means that any of your devices that have the same billing information can have the game unlocked on them as well.

My child has a special profile that doesn’t allow In-App Purchases. Can the game be unlocked on that profile?

– Yes, if you can disable the In-App Purchase restriction temporarily. The game only needs to check once that it’s been purchased, and it will stay unlocked forever until it’s moved or uninstalled. So if you can disable the restriction, unlock the game (remember that if the billing account information is the same, and you’ve already purchased it on your profile, you won’t be charged again for clicking the Purchase Unlimited Playtime), then reenable the restriction. Gummies Playground will then remain unlocked.

– If you cannot disable the restriction, there’s not much we can do. If you’re using an Android tablet, and your child has access to the Amazon App Store, you can find the full game at http://amzn.com/B00E0E9350  The app itself costs the same as the In-App Purchase: 1.99 USD.